Why Dump Cable or Satellite Services in Favor of Internet TV?

The first thing I can think of to say is “Why not?” Unless you are completely happy paying a fortune every month for reruns, subpar programs, reality shows by the dozen and a ton of other uninteresting, commercial saturated nonsense, then by all means keep your cable or satellite provider. The purpose of this blog is not to try to influence you one way or the other, but rather to let you know that there are other ways you can watch TV without paying a fortune to do so.

I think by this time, there aren’t very many households that don’t have the internet, unless you live in an area that is so remote it’s just not available. The point is, you have television options because you have the internet! See where I’m going with this? Yes, your cable, satellite, or phone service supplies the connection, and what you do with it is up to you. Just because you have internet through your provider does not mean that you have to get your TV channels from them. The internet, a streaming device, and a subscription to Netflix are all you need to get every TV program you can possibly think of, or want.

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Can’t live without your daily dose of your favorite talk show or cooking program? Get it via the internet! If not through your TV, then through your computer, tablet, or smart phone. You never have to program a recording device, you never have to miss an episode, and you never, ever have to be a slave to the cable company. Seriously, when you compare the one-time cost of the streaming device, (under $100 for a top of the line like Roku) and a subscription to Netflix, ($ 8.99 per month) you are already way ahead of the game. Of course, you do need your internet connection, and this will depend on what your cable company charges, but it should be less than $50 each month.

Take a good long look at your cable bill. I, for one, really have a hard time understanding all those fees, surcharges, and taxes, but the bottom line is that what they charge for the little you get is outrageous! They really hook you with those ‘triple play’ offers when you first sign up. Phone, internet, and cable channels for a ‘special’ price-too good to be true! Well, just wait until the special promotion ends! You will undoubtedly see your bill triple for the same service. What can you do about it? Argue with them or just keep your internet and get rid of the rest. Once you have ousted your cable provider and kept just your internet connection you are home free!

Start enjoying TV the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Watch all your favorite programs over the internet, pay less, say bye-bye to all those irritating commercials, and pick and choose from hundreds of shows, movies, cartoons, dramas, and anything else your mind can conjure up. It may be hard to cut your cable addiction, and you may be hesitant to pull the plug, but once you take that leap your television viewing experience can only get better, trust me. No pressure here, just solid advice and suggestions that can help you make a wise decision.

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